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Human Relations: odds and ends

Both of the subjects I’d had in mind for this 3rd. relationships shoot fell through. I’d really put myself under pressure to line up a big shoot. Something meaningful, something which might later develop into story. The images you see here have been taken in last 10 days and I presented them in an effort [...]

Human Relations: blues band

The second shoot I originally intended on doing didn’t quite work out so I turned to my trusty blues band for this next attempt at the relationships brief. A little unsure as to whether it’d be the most suitable subject for this brief, but still keen to get on and try new subject.
I found myself [...]

Human Relations: Finja

I looked forward to this particular shoot. I’m considering doing an extended photo-essay on this family (well, one of the family members to be more precise) and decided to use the relationships brief as an introduction this project. For this brief, it’s about a large family with 4 kids, so there’s a lot going on. [...]