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Christopher Anderson interview

Christopher Anderson interview

Christopher Anderson talks about his photographic practice and the evolution of Photojournalism …

Photography in Politics

The upcoming German federal election provides a great opportunity to scrutinize the use of photography in german political campaigns. I’m not quite sure what to make of this heavily constructed image depicting Guido Westerwelle surrounded by supporters…

Mumi | the project

you can visit the Mumi project here:

LECTURE: Peter Fraser

I admit, I was rather skeptical of Peter’s work having had a look at his web site before the talk. It’s just that I still have my problems with conceptual work that relies heavily on explanation in order to be understood. I’m used to images being the main source of information and that they should [...]

MAPJD has started

I’m logged on to our communications platform Ning, my headset is warmed up and my lenses are polished…oops, I mean my lens is polished I shouldn’t forget, one of the main aims of the first few assignments is to reduce documentary photography to it’s simplest form. Manual exposure, manual focus, one fixed lens [...]