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surfing the long tail of education

surfing the long tail of education from paul lowe on Vimeo.
I’m often asked to describe how our online Master of Arts in Photojournalism works and what makes it so distinctive. Whilst I have become better at doing this in the last few months, I still find that I’m not quite able to do justice to [...]

LECTURE: Peter Fraser

I admit, I was rather skeptical of Peter’s work having had a look at his web site before the talk. It’s just that I still have my problems with conceptual work that relies heavily on explanation in order to be understood. I’m used to images being the main source of information and that they should [...]

LECTURE: Audio with Patrick Sutherland

Very informative talk from LCC lecturer Patrick Sutherland on the use of audio in multimedia photography projects. Patrick talked about various kinds of use of audio in multimedia. He stressed the importance of carefully selecting, recording and editing audio fitting to the images. The audio should add information and complement the images in such a [...]

LECTURE: street photography and history

Paul briefed us on our new assignment, street photography and delivered the first of the history sessions on Henri Cartier-Bresson and Walker Evans.
“For this assignment we want you to make 3 pictures from different situations on the street that focus on human relationships. Think of the street as a giant theatre set, and the passers [...]

LECTURE: Adam and Olly

“…Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin have been collaborating for over a decade and are still friends. They have produced six books which in different ways examine the language of documentary photography…” Quote from Adam and Olli’s bio. For further information and examples of Adam and Olli’s work, see chopped liver