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Christopher Anderson interview

Christopher Anderson interview

Christopher Anderson talks about his photographic practice and the evolution of Photojournalism …

letter to myself

The second key stage of my Master of Arts in photojournalism is under way and it‘s a good time to review the first 9 months or so of the course. It‘s been an incredible experience for me so far and I‘ve noticed a personal and professional progression which I honestly hadn‘t expected – it‘s just [...]

FREE by Chris Anderson

I got my copy from Amazon yesterday and have started to charge through it. It makes for fascinating reading, particularly considering the way that “free” is affecting the photographic industry at this time. I hear that the book is available for free in a variety of different forms: podcast at iTunes, digital book art google.books [...]

After Photography by Fred Ritchin

We are all photographers now and I suppose that is why I’d like to recommend After Photography by Fred Ritchin to everyone. I’ve yet to find a better commentary on where photography has come from and where it might be going to.
” After Photography is a most necessary book at this revolutionary moment, detailing the [...]