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I am very pleased to be joining the  fotogloria | büro für fotografische zusammenarbeit team in Hamburg. fotogloria represents a hybrid between the classical photo-agency and a collaborative partner. Having worked for some time without representation, I very much look forward to working together with Edda, Mike and Jochen on future projects.

fotogloria | büro für fotografische zusammenarbeit develop and realize individual photographic solutions for companies and magazines, and offer professional and creative support in the implementation – from a vague idea to the sustainable result. In doing so, fotogloria perceives itself as a gateway between photographers and image seekers – as an agent for photographers all over the world, as a supplier of single images or photo stories, as a creative director, as a picture editor.

fotogloria | assignments work closely with photographers from the areas of industry, corporate, portrait and documentary. All photographic requirements can therefore be comprehensively and professionally conducted – from a management board portrait to an industrial documentary to corporate advertising.

fotogloria | editorial stands for documentary photography with a focus on storytelling and reportage for editorial and commercial uses. Summarized in a carefully selected archive – and with the extended contact to a worldwide network of photographers – that can handle requests for high-quality pictures.

fotogloria | projects conceive and design free and order-related issues. In cooperation with photographers, writers and graphic designers, tasks in journalism, economic or social policy areas will be edited and brought to a concentrated result – for example in the form of a magazine.

fotogloria | büro für fotografische zusammenarbeit is Edda Fahrenhorst, Mike Gamio and Jochen Raiss. With years of experience, they know the specific nature of each image request and address it as individually as necessary and as personally as possible. For a solution-oriented cooperation, they utilize their experience, network and creativity to work with their clients, often in unconventional ways.

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