PAW_VI_Klezmer rehearsal

The klezmer rehearsal took place in a fairly small bedroom belonging to one of the band members. At the start of the shoot there was some daylight coming in but the majority of the light came from half a dozen tungsten lights spread about the room. The room was filled a number of guitars and various other musical intruments and gadgets, making a somewhat cluttered nackround. The cramped conditions meant I’d be using the 35mm. Though I could move about freely, there were only 3 or 4 places where I could squeeze into, somewhat limiting my framing options. As there were three band members and the brief is person at work, I decided to shoot the bands members separately so as not to run the risk of shooting “relationships” images or even group portraits. There were two possibilities for shooting the violinist, either from the front or over the shoulder. The frontal shots gave a more classical look to the photos and I was unable to include the other two band members in the shot. Over the shoulder was more unorthodox but allowed me to include at least the bass player in the shot and allowed me to use profile of the violinist to frame the bottom right corner of the frame. Though unsual, I think the image works quite well, giving a feel of the effort necessary to play the violin. The violin is extremely loud and close proximity of the violinist to his instrument make it very difficult to hear anything other than his own instrument.
The second part of the shoot was about the guitarist. He sat more or less between the other two band members, so this meant I could only shoot from the front. I could either go in tight, just on the guitarist or frame more loosely and include the other two. I tried excluding as much of the clutter in the backround and concentrated on his facials expression.
I was able to shoot bird’s eye view of the rehearsal by climbing up onto the bunk bed. This shot from above shows the close proximity of the band members to each other.

klezmer_rehearsal_I from Philip Benjamin on Vimeo.

klezmer_rehearsal_II from Philip Benjamin on Vimeo.

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