PAW_V_salsa teacher

I chose the salsa teacher for my 5th. person at work with the idea of photographing someone working among a larger group of people. The main focus would be on the teacher, with the rest of group hopefully adding a certain sense of movement to the images.
Having been assured that the lighting would be bright enough to photograph in, I was quite surprised to find myself once again trying to photograph in a fairly dark setting. My exposures were on average between 1/20-1/30@F1.4 – this time with a moving subject.
After having been introduced to the group and establishing that 2 members of the group did not wish to be phoographed, Silvia began with the lesson. She was very relaxed with the group and went about her business as though I wasn’t there. I felt comfortable fairly quickly in his setting and had the impression I could pretty much stand anywhere in the room to photograph. The only problem still being the quality of the light. One part of the room was at least 1 stop brighter than the rest, so tried to stay in this area or at least use the wall at the bright end of the room as a backdrop. Freezing motion was difficult, so often there’s some movement of limbs – not really a bad thing though. Silvia was very quick to move around the room, making it tricky for me to keep with her. It was a case of trying to anticipate where she was gong to go to next. A lot of the time, I felt as though I was just a little bit too late. I think this is apparent looking at some of the images. Towards the end of the shoot , I had the feeling that I was beginning to grasp the essence of her teaching style and how she related to the group. Though I’m not quite sure if this comes across in the images.

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