LECTURE: street photography and history

Paul briefed us on our new assignment, street photography and delivered the first of the history sessions on Henri Cartier-Bresson and Walker Evans.

“For this assignment we want you to make 3 pictures from different situations on the street that focus on human relationships. Think of the street as a giant theatre set, and the passers by as your actors. Find a backdrop that is visually interesting, and then wait for something to happen. Patience is important, as you might stand on a particular spot for a long time waiting for the right combination of things to happen.
As always, look out for something interesting or unusual, and pay attention to body language and eye-lines. Try to organize and compose your image in an interesting way. Shoot the equivalent of 2 rolls of film for each situation i.e. 50-70 images”
Paul explained some of the more common techniques used in street photography, illustrating the talk with a variety of examples. I was particularly impressed with Trent Parke’s work. He combines various elements found in past and present street photography to make the most amazing images. I find myself going back to these images again and again – very impressive.

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