Le corps incarcéré wins at Visa pour l’Image


Le corps incarcéré wins the webdocumentary grand prix at this years Visa pour l’Image in Perpignan.

The jury made up reprensentatives from France 24, RFI and photographer and multimedia producer Samuel Bollendorf, were looking for a documentary piece that combined all the web’s technical possibilities and at the same actively involved the viewer. Bollendorf asserts that the webdocumentary viewer should not be passive but play an active role in the medium. Passivity belongs to the likes of television and the web is after all an interactive medium. There is currently no viable business model for Le corps incarcéré nor for many other webdocumentary pieces for that matter. The financial costs of the production were largely carried by the french newspaper Le Monde. Samuel Bollendorf, himself an active webdocumentarist, argued at Visa this year that it is first necessary to develop successful webdocumentary techniques before one could work on a suitable business model.

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