PAW_OUT-TAKE: blues gig

A blues concert with two guitar players in pub in Mannheim. This gig turned out to be very dark. The underexposed chrome mic was photographed at a 1/30 @ F1.4 with 400 ASA, and many of the other images were made with an 1/8 @ F1.4 with me leaning on bar stool. The main overhead lights weren’t working and in addition to this, the barkeeper repeatedly turned down the remaining lighting. I was quite frustrated at this. I’d recognised the potential of the situation; a live blues concert in a pub with a great atmosphere, which unfortunately could not be shot in accordance to the PAW brief. Ideally, I would needed at least 2 more stops ie 1600 ASA. I tried to make the best of the situation and stuck to 400 ASA. I used the shoot as an exercise in hand-holding long shutter speeds. I tried using various props like the bar and bar stools to steady the shots a little, with varying degrees of effect. Due to the slow shutter speeds, I had many soft images. Having given up on this shoot as a PAW assignment, I shoot many more frames than allowed in our brief.
I think it was a very good exercise in making the most of a given situation – though, I suppose that’s what we are doing with all of our asignments. Looking back at the images, I’m very pleased with a number of them. Even though at times there seemed to be little hope of getting any sharp images, I’m glad I stuck with the shoot. Interesting how sticking to the job, and even pushing the limits a little, can sometimes result in unusual and interesting results.

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