After Photography by Fred Ritchin

afterphotography_coverjpgWe are all photographers now and I suppose that is why I’d like to recommend After Photography by Fred Ritchin to everyone. I’ve yet to find a better commentary on where photography has come from and where it might be going to.

After Photography is a most necessary book at this revolutionary moment, detailing the extraordinary and rapid mutation of photography and showing how it affects us all, and in every corner of our lives. Ritchin is a great guide. He warns us of the many dangers ahead as everything we know or think we know about photography is turned on its head, but he balances the negative with the positive: the democratization, the easing of the technical barriers that have long thwarted the medium, and the potential for societal good.” -William A. Ewing, Director of the Musée de L’Elysée, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Check out Fred Ritchin’s blog launched in conjuction with the book:

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