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  1. Merlin says:

    Hi Philip,
    I just viewed your final Mumi project via the link you sent out. i think it is a very strong peice of work. When you first set out on it I was worried you were focusing too much on your experience as the photographer, but I now realise that that was part of the bloging /learning proces for your course. The final piece tels a deep and true story. I felt I had an honest representation before me.

    to start with i thought that there was a potentialy huge problem with the subject matter of a hadicaped person as your story. Mainly that is would be easy to do an emotional black mail story, pull all the emotional strings. i am glad to say that you got well passed that and found and presented to us the person behind the handicap. Dont get me wrong this is an emotional piece of work but for all the correct reasons.

    It did what a good story should, it took me to a place i would not usually go, to a place not necesarily comfortable.

    I really like it, thanks for taking it on.


  2. kirk says:

    Hi Phillip,
    I hope that everyone sends links to their Unit 1:1 assignment and everyone tries to leave some peer feedback. And hopefyully John and Paul share all feedback at least, on an open discussion board foI all the other MAPJD09 Students to learn from.
    I feel that many of the comments feedback and tutorials are not brutal enough.
    In relation to youre work i will be brief: i love the work and images and the design and presentation; i feel that the simplicity of the work belies the fact that it has taken many hours of time and dedication to produce. This means it is a success because of this.
    Just the right amount of images etc..i didnt realise you could do this on ‘wordpress’. For the images i feel that you have produced some worthy images even in the context of a mult-media pice where often, many uninspiring images are sometimes used by others to mainatin the movement and space of a multimedia piece.
    You have probobly included just the right amount,and the work is unsentimental and oblique…for some photographers the lack of aesthitics may dull the work,but for me (although not my style) works well with the project…unflinching,modern and unsentimental.
    If any Critacism it sometimes feel a little sterile and removed..but as one stays loneger their are images that contridict this statement,i often forget that you were there when the image and audio was taken..from some photographers this disturbs me but with this pure work, you only complimet with this feeling.
    All in all good..the chyallenge will be to transpose this method and way of working to more diverse subjects.

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