ext. story: 11 months old


Play to hear Mumi talking about this photo.

“…this is difficult because I can’t remember that moment. I believe I was 11 months old. My parents had always told me that I’d managed to walk my first steps at nine months, but I don’t really believe that. Nine months is probably too early. Eleven is more realistic. My parents were at odds with my grandparents and moved away. We lived in town for a while and this is where this photo was made. My father wrote a poem on the back of it a few years later. Apparently I was somehow important to him at the time. At least that’s what seems to come over when reading the poem. Can’t really say much else. The poem was written after the photo was taken. My parents had moved away and I was living with my grandparents. It says that I am the sun(shine) in their lives, that their love was born again with me and that they missed me. That was in ‘68 and the photo was made in ‘66. In retrospect it’s difficult to say whether I was important to them in ‘66 or in’68…that’s just my theory. Most of all I like the shoes. Those were the cheapest shoes you could buy for turkish babies at that time. It’s amusing…”

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