ext. story: 2nd. audio recording

Play ” to hear “…five sentences about me. I am small, I talk a lot, but not always. I am severly handicapped. I’m a pleasant, humorous and melancholic fellow…and I’m overrated!”

I was relatively pleased with the audio quality of the first interview, yet I still felt there was room for improvement. Apart from the handling noise (my doing ;-) )there was quite a bit of backround noise (mostly hum) and the sound was a little harsh.mumi_2

I went back to this 2nd. interview session armed with a good quality mono mic and a new digital recorder – this time my own. We sat once again at the kitchen table, which I covered up with a blanket (tip from a BBC radio reporters fact-sheet). Turned off the fridge, Mumi’s pc and ventilator.

So far so good. I put on my headphones and checked the sounds level. Good strong signal – ready to go. I think Mumi must have talked for about 10-15 mins before I realised that my recorder was still on pause. I couldn’t believe it! Mumi had really been on a roll so I was extremely annoyed to say the least. That’s akin to shooting (portraits) without any film in the camera. After a moment of irritation, Mumi was ready for a 2nd. go. We tried to going over the same topics again but somehow the moment had slipped away. Luckily Mumi’s great concentration more than made up for my lack of interview experience and somehow we managed to make the best of the situation.

I have since managed to get over this slight mishap and have started reviewing some of the recordings. Here’s a quick sample featuring Mumi describing himself in 5 sentences. I know Mumi finds this exercise a little absurd but I find it demonstrates his eloquence and modesty:

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