short story: Mumi

MUMI_EDIT_I – Images by Philip Benjamin

Mumi particularly likes this image of himself in the shower. It implies an abstract dynamism. He says he feels as though he were running a marathon or something.

MUMI_EDIT_II – Images by Philip Benjamin

Mumi is a friend of mine who has agreed to collaborate with me in putting together one of my main stories for the course. Here are some of the images made during the first 3 visits. Looking back at these first sessions, it’s obvious to me that I was holding back. I was very aware of the dangers of mis-representation and at the same aware of the limitations that photography has in relating a story. Because it works on a purely visual level, photography is not readily suited to a subject like Mumi, who expresses himself mainly through dialogue. I realised very quickly that it wouldn’t be enough to document Mumi’s story on a purely visual level. This slow realisation gave way to a feeling of liberation. And though I had my doubts at the start, I never really considered not undertaking this project. There’s no going back now ;-)
These first images describe some of Mumi’s daily activities. I’m planning on developing the context for this work layer for layer. I working closely with Mumi on the captions and audio which will later complement this work.

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