short story: Finja

FINJA_EDIT_I – Images by Philip Benjamin

This is a story about the adventures of a young girl called Finja. One of the two stories that I have been considering working on for the extended essays project this semester. I had already worked together with Finja during the relationships brief, so access to her and her family was straightforward.
The most difficult thing for me at the moment is that Finja is too young to really understand what it is that I’m doing. She knows that a camera somehow captures images and she knows that these can be seen on the back. She doesn’t know why I’m making these photos nor what I’m planning to do with them. She does however (mostly) enjoy the process of making them and thoroughly enjoys reviewing the results. I recently read that voyeurism is at it’s most pronounced in young children. What is it that I want to do with these images? Why am I taking them in thes first place?
She has certainly captured my imagination. Is it her frailty? Is it her strength? Is it her zest for life? Aren’t most young kids happy? Or is it her disability? I certainly don’t want the photos to be about her disability. Maybe I shouldn’t mention them at all … but then it is a part of her.
I am at once very aware of photography’s limitations. And of my own.

FINJA_EDIT_II – Images by Philip Benjamin

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