PAW_I: working with a young stallion

I thought I’d start off with a seemingly straight forward person at work. Working with a young stallion should provide me with a variety of picture possibilities. In much the same way as I am breaking in a new camera (EOS 5DII) and trying to get my head around working with a fixed 50mm lens again, Nicola is “breaking in” her new stallion Astro, who more often than not, seems to have a mind of his own.
To be honest, I felt quite lost as I started to photograph. Fiddling around with manual exposure and manual focus, trying to look through the 50mm (which felt either too tight or too wide…), I found myself struggling somewhat. I was unaware of it at the time, but I was desperately trying to force a picture; going in very tightly, tilting the frame, shooting unnecessary images even though nothing had really changed from one moment to the next. I didn’t feel at ease photographing, instead I felt a little pressured and unable to think clearly about what I was doing. Too many possibilities and too uncertain as to what it is I wanted.
This seemed to change about halfway through the session. I began to enjoy the situation and feel more comfortable with what I was doing. I realised that my choice of subject could have quite easily provided me with enough material for a 3-picture story. Feeling a little like a hunter shooting at a flock of birds without really aiming at any one in particular, I forced myself to concentrate on one thing at a time.
I downloaded everything that very afternoon. My first impression was that I had a number of OK pictures, lots of things which I’d seen and started to follow but not quite managed to get. Still, time is starting to run out so it was a relief to get the first brief in.

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