Human Relations: Finja

I looked forward to this particular shoot. I’m considering doing an extended photo-essay on this family (well, one of the family members to be more precise) and decided to use the relationships brief as an introduction this project. For this brief, it’s about a large family with 4 kids, so there’s a lot going on. I chose to work with my 35mm which I find more involving than the 50mm. Another thing I’ve been looking forward to was using colour. I love shooting b&w but I just feel that it’s sometimes just too abstract and I’d like to try working on more life-like colour work.
I’m known and trusted by the family, so access to the various situations was no problem. Yet somehow, this didn’t make it any easier. Being close to the family allowed me, on the one hand, the possibility to start shooting and get right in there but on the other, being close always means being part of the proceedings. So I often found myself chatting, playing and looking after the kids, and having lunch with the whole family.
The curly-haired girl is to be the main subject of a future photo-essay. I was very concious of this, yet something was preventing me from going in very close and I found myself turning the shoot into a very general one. As though still have a great deal of respect for this task. I’ll give it some further consideration before posting more backround infos on this.

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