MAPJD has started

I’m logged on to our communications platform Ning, my headset is warmed up and my lenses are polished…oops, I mean my lens is polished ;-) I shouldn’t forget, one of the main aims of the first few assignments is to reduce documentary photography to it’s simplest form. Manual exposure, manual focus, one fixed lens (50 or 35mm), no lighting and no setting up of images. Our first practical project will be person at work (PAW). PAW is aimed focussing the photographer’s attention towards a person perfoming a job or activity. By limiting the equipment used, and extending the period of time spent in a situation, one is free to concentrate wholy on the person and the task being performed. By doing this, certain characteristics of the job or the person become apparent, which otherwise might have escaped the attention of a photographer quickly going in and out of a situation. PAW is an important building block in traditional documentary photography and thus the starting point of our course. Paul mentioned in our telephone conversation, that the first few assignments will most certainly remind me of the old Newport days. Quite some time has passed since then. Having worked the last few years with a camera bag full of gear, including various lenses, flash and lighting equipment, I’m really look forward to going back to working to a simple brief, with a minimum of tools.

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