ext. story: massage

MUMI_EDIT_III – Images by Philip Benjamin
I’ve been thinking about something that Adam & Olly said during a recent talk they gave on research.”…clicking a shutter is a little like closing a door. Research is keeping the door open as long as possible”. I really love this quote because it is so plausible and I (as many probably do) feel as though I know exactly what it means. The problem for me is that it implies a linearity. As though it weren’t possible to continue to research or reflect on a subject once you’ve started to shoot.

I recognised from the start that Mumi had an interesting, compelling and important story to tell, yet I had no idea what form the project what ultimately take. I have no rigid concept and I’d like to think I can avoid addressing any pre-conceived ideas I may have.

Staying with Adam and Olly’s wonderful metaphor, I see this project as a house with several rooms. I don’t really know what’s in all the rooms but I’ve been in one or two and I know it’s worth going back. The trick is to keep the doors open whilst clicking the shutter.

2 Responses to “ext. story: massage”

  1. Daniel says:

    Yeah i also loved that quote, it’s also made me rethink how I approach stories

  2. Steve says:

    I finally have settled on a project I would like to do and like you it’s something I feel has got a lot of doors and possibilities. I also have no idea where it will eventually lead (and the path is going to be quite challenging) but I like that feeling and I’m actually looking forward to researching it, shooting it, checking out all the rooms – and keeping the doors open! (btw The project is about Game Centre (Arcade) culture in Tokyo/Japan but it might expand into Japanese gaming culture as a whole and the various threads that will produce).

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