LECTURE: Peter Fraser

I admit, I was rather skeptical of Peter’s work having had a look at his web site before the talk. It’s just that I still have my problems with conceptual work that relies heavily on explanation in order to be understood. I’m used to images being the main source of information and that they should more or less be able to stand alone. But I’m beginning to realise how limiting that can be. Even a visually powerful image can gain a great deal thorugh explanation and the way in which it is presented. Research is arguably becoming one of the most important factors in modern documentary photography and photojournalism. There are more photographers (both professional and amateur) out there than ever before. Peter was able to relate to us the importance of a having clear concept, thorough research and a good dose self-confidence necessary to work as a photographer. The most striking things about Peter is his contageous fascination for the everyday, ordinary things which surround us all and yet seem invisible to many people and are overlooked by most photographers. A very fascinating and inspiring talk. See Peter Fraser.

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