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ext. story: video shop

MUMI_EDIT_VI – Images by Philip Benjamin
Mumi usually gets up at around 4pm and goes to bed at approx.4am. I’ve been trying to capture the essence of his nocturnal activities. These frames were taken on a visit to the local video shop.

ext. story: massage

MUMI_EDIT_III – Images by Philip Benjamin
I’ve been thinking about something that Adam & Olly said during a recent talk they gave on research.”…clicking a shutter is a little like closing a door. Research is keeping the door open as long as possible”. I really love this quote because it is so plausible and I (as [...]

ext. story: Mumi weekend

MUMI_EDIT_V – Images by Philip Benjamin

ext. story: Mumi getting up

MUMI_EDIT_IV – Images by Philip Benjamin