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Human Relations: Finja

I looked forward to this particular shoot. I’m considering doing an extended photo-essay on this family (well, one of the family members to be more precise) and decided to use the relationships brief as an introduction this project. For this brief, it’s about a large family with 4 kids, so there’s a lot going on. [...]

Street photography: crossing

Street photography outtakes

I made 2 or 3 attempts at starting the street photography assignment after leaving work. Unfortunately, having only about 30 mins of good light in winter and it wasn’t really possible to shoot the necessary 70-80 frames in order to fulfill the brief. This is a small selection of the images shot on these aborted [...]

LECTURE: Peter Fraser

I admit, I was rather skeptical of Peter’s work having had a look at his web site before the talk. It’s just that I still have my problems with conceptual work that relies heavily on explanation in order to be understood. I’m used to images being the main source of information and that they should [...]

LECTURE: Audio with Patrick Sutherland

Very informative talk from LCC lecturer Patrick Sutherland on the use of audio in multimedia photography projects. Patrick talked about various kinds of use of audio in multimedia. He stressed the importance of carefully selecting, recording and editing audio fitting to the images. The audio should add information and complement the images in such a [...]

Street photography Mannheim

Street photography: Umbrellas

PAW_VI_Klezmer rehearsal

The klezmer rehearsal took place in a fairly small bedroom belonging to one of the band members. At the start of the shoot there was some daylight coming in but the majority of the light came from half a dozen tungsten lights spread about the room. The room was filled a number of guitars and [...]