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PAW_V_salsa teacher

I chose the salsa teacher for my 5th. person at work with the idea of photographing someone working among a larger group of people. The main focus would be on the teacher, with the rest of group hopefully adding a certain sense of movement to the images.
Having been assured that the lighting would be bright [...]

LECTURE: street photography and history

Paul briefed us on our new assignment, street photography and delivered the first of the history sessions on Henri Cartier-Bresson and Walker Evans.
“For this assignment we want you to make 3 pictures from different situations on the street that focus on human relationships. Think of the street as a giant theatre set, and the passers [...]


These photos describe the work of a preparator who is dissecting a sample body in advance of a practical course for students of medicine. The bodies are very valuable and somewhat rare, it is not uncommon for a body to be re-used for up to 2 years. An experienced preparator is highly skilled, demonstrating a [...]

PAW_OUT-TAKE: blues gig

A blues concert with two guitar players in pub in Mannheim. This gig turned out to be very dark. The underexposed chrome mic was photographed at a 1/30 @ F1.4 with 400 ASA, and many of the other images were made with an 1/8 @ F1.4 with me leaning on bar stool. The main overhead [...]

LECTURE: Adam and Olly

“…Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin have been collaborating for over a decade and are still friends. They have produced six books which in different ways examine the language of documentary photography…” Quote from Adam and Olli’s bio. For further information and examples of Adam and Olli’s work, see chopped liver

TUTORIAL_I with Homer Sykes

The first group tutorial or “crit” with our tutor Homer Sykes, Damian, Harmit and Andrea. The aim of the crits is to get together in small groups and review the photographs made over the last 2 weeks. Even though the tutor leads the session, it is intended that all members of the group actively participate [...]

MOVIE TIP: Vantage Point

Saw an interesting movie last week, Vantage Point. Now whilst the movie is a Hollywood action thriller with all the usual bells and whistles, the plot adresses a number of quite interesting and (for a mainstream movie) unusual issues.
Here’s the first paragraph of the production synopsis:
“In Columbia Pictures’ action-packed thriller Vantage Point, eight strangers with [...]

PAW_I: working with a young stallion

I thought I’d start off with a seemingly straight forward person at work. Working with a young stallion should provide me with a variety of picture possibilities. In much the same way as I am breaking in a new camera (EOS 5DII) and trying to get my head around working with a fixed 50mm lens [...]

PAW: Florian making coffees

Florian Steiner is coffeologist and barista running his own coffee house in Heidelberg, Germany. He roasts and serves his own coffee. Being a fan of his coffees and having become quite interested in the techniques involved in coffee making, I was really quite looking forward to this job.
more to come …

PAW_II: operating theatre 6

A surgeon as person at work. I considered briefly as whether or not this might be cheating a little. Working at a hospital, I’m not unfamiliar with the operating room environment and access to the OR certainly wasn’t difficult to get. Still, I rest assured. Due to the nature of the assignment, coupled with the [...]

MAPJD has started

I’m logged on to our communications platform Ning, my headset is warmed up and my lenses are polished…oops, I mean my lens is polished I shouldn’t forget, one of the main aims of the first few assignments is to reduce documentary photography to it’s simplest form. Manual exposure, manual focus, one fixed lens [...]